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In a global economy, our daily choices for seafood have a huge impact on sea resources and people, even far away. Overfishing to satisfy the demand is a big threat and governments and the fishing sector are working to prevent it. In the meantime, as a consumer, you don’t have to give up [fish and chips]. What you can do is ensure you support sustainable seafood, which has been fished in a way that preserves fish stocks and people who depend on them.
Here’s how you can make a difference.

Buy certified seafood

Look for MSC or ASC or organic labels that indicate your fish was responsibly sourced from certified, sustainable fisheries or aquaculture.

At this point of time, the WWF believes the MSC needs to accelerate key reforms to maintain its reputation as the world’s leading fisheries standard and certification system. If you want to read the full WWF statement on the need for reforms in MSC click here

Don’t eat baby fish

A fish below a certain size is not yet adult, and has not had time to reproduce. Ask your fishmonger to check if you are buying adult fish. In doing so, you will help replenish the seas.

Taste diversity

Diversity in seafood consumption ensures a more balanced pressure on marine resources. Biodiversity makes ecosystems stronger. Diversifying your consumption is fun and helps the oceans!

Check the labels

In the EU, it’s your legal right to know the full name of the product you’re buying, where it comes from, whether it was caught or bred and how, and whether it’s fresh or defrosted. If it’s not displayed, ask. If you can’t get the answers, don’t buy.

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