New Campaign: Fish gone, people gone

Worldwide, 33 percent of fish stocks are overfished with a further 60 percent at maximum capacity.

But 800 million people depend on fish for food and income. Most of them live in developing countries.

spot: Nonoy and the sea monster

Nonoy fears a sea monster.

It eats all the fish.

Almost none is left to catch for his dad – a sustainable fisherman.


Europe is the biggest market and importer of fish and seafood in the world.


the EU imports 60% of its seafood

More than half of Europe’s fish imports come from developing countries.

On 17th of January, Austria runs out of domestic fish.

For the rest of the year, Austria depends on fish and seafood imports.

Each [Austrian] consumes an average of [13.4] kg of fish a year.

European average:

22.7 kg

Make a difference, buy sustainable fish!

Check out the Seafood Guide

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