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New Campaign: Fish gone, people gone

Oceans are heavily overfished. People all around the world suffer the consequences.
You can make a difference.

There could be soon no more fish left to catch, breed or eat.

Each of us eats an average of 20 kg of fish per year — almost twice as much as 50 years ago. Global demand continues to increase: to keep up with our appetite, we’re now taking more fish out than the ocean can produce.

The hard facts

800 million people depend on fish as a source of nutrition and income for their families. Most of them live in developing countries.

Each fish
has a story

Do you know all the facts and anecdotes hidden beneath your plate?

Fortunately, we can stop overfishing
but we need your help

As a consumer, you don’t have to give up fish and chips. What you can do is ensure you support sustainable seafood and vary the fish you choose.

Check WWF recommendations


Fish Forward Project

Fish Forward is a project launched by WWF, and co-financed by the EU, for more environmental, social and economic sustainability in fish and seafood consumption.

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